Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bendikai Gojju (Ladies Finger's Curry) Brahmin's Special


 Ladies Finger: 1/2 Kg serves two to three.
 Tamarind water: 1 Katori
 Curry patta: Little
 Red chilli or Green Chillis: As per the taste/ I have added 2.
 Jaggery: As per the sweetness you need. I have added juice berry size.
 Fried chana dal powder: 1 Table spoon.
 Turmeric ¼ tea spoon.
 Grated coconut : ¼ Katori
 Mustard: Little
 Jeera: Little
 Vegetable masala Powder/or MTR vangibath powder for taste: 1Tea spoon.
 Salt.


Fry ladies finger till it is done with little oil. Take a kadai and oil, add mustard
jeera, Red chillies, curry patta and tamarind water, jaggery, and turmeric powder.

Add ladies finger and stir it. Cook it for 5 minutes and add masala powder, add the fried chana dal powder for thickness. Add salt and cook it again for few minutes. After it is done garnish with grated coconut.


  1. This is such a new way of making gojju .. Never tried adding Vangi bath powder .. I guess this makes the job much easier.

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