Monday, September 21, 2009

Ambode (it is an again south Indian) or chana Dal vada

Ambode or chana dal vada

All you need is to soak chana dal (split bengal gram) foe an hour or 2 in hot water and blend it with garlic, sonuf, jeera, green chillies as per taste, coriander leaves, and ginger.

Do not add much water you cannot fry it in oil.

Add onion in the last and mix it and fry it in any shape.

Methi Chapathies with chana Dal chutney and Pudina Chutney

You need:

  • Methi leaves (Fenugreek Leaves) 1 Bunch.
  • Wheat Floor 1/2 kg.
  • Salt.
  1. Take out the leaves from the bunch and clean it.
  2. Finley chop.
  3. Mix it with wheat floor and kneed well.
  4. Leave it. After sometime make chapatis from the dough. 
  5. Make triangles and make it it comes well.
For Chutney:

Chana Dal: You need: (Kadle kalu) Brown or green whole grams

chana dal 1/2 cup fried, grated coconut 1/2 cup, jaggery little, tamarind little, coriander leaves, red chillies 2, salt for taste.  Mix it and blend it. 

Pudina Chutney: You need:
Pudina leaves a bunch cleaned,
fried gram 2 table spoons or( half cup), grated coconut 1/2 cup, tamarind little, coriander leaves, green chillies 2, salt for taste.  Mix it and blend it. 

Very Simple and easiest way to make Tomato Soup

My daughter is very fussy in eating, if she does not like anything I make tomato soup and make her drink so I feel this one is the easiest and healthy for kids or elders........

you need:

  • Tomatoes: 4-5 (Serves 3 people )
  • Butter or Ghee 2 table spoons.
  • Wheat Floor or Corn Floor 2 Table spoons.
  • Salt 1/4 Tea spoon. (Taste it if needed add little more.)
  • Sugar 1/2 table spoons.
  • Seasoning with Pepper powder and bread cubes. (roasted)
  •  Boil tomatoes for 5 minutes.
  • Cool it remove the skin.
  • Again Pressure cook it.
  • Blend it once it is cool.
  • Get it to boil adding wheat floor mixed with water.
  • Add sugar, and salt.
  • Finally add butter
  • Season it with pepper powder and bread cubes.

Tambuli (which is good for cold)

In kannada we call Doddapatre ( Coleus aromaticus ),Patharchur (Hindi), Panikkurukka (Malyalam), Pan Ova (Marathi), Pashanabhedi (Sanscrit), Karpuravalli (Tamil) ...

For tambuli you need:
  • Leaves of doddapathre. (handfull)
  • 1/4 table spoon Jeera.
  • 1/4 table spoon pepper.
  • 1 cup of curds
  • Grated cocnut 1-2 tablespoon.
  • Salt for taste.
  • Ghee.

1. Wash leaves and fry little with little ghee.
2. Fry pepper and Jeera also.
3. Grind the leaves and the fried pepper and jeera.
4. Mix it with curds and seaoning could be done with Mustard and curry patta.
5. Add salt according to your taste.


You need:

  • Curds: 2 cups
  • Besan: 1 cup
  • Haldi: 1 tea spoon
  • Chilly: 1
  • Coriander leaves: Finely chopped 1/4 cup
  • Curry patta, Mustard and Jeera. 
  •  Mix besan with curds.
  • In a kadai take oil and put mustard, jeera,chilly, and curry pattha.
  • Add the mixure to the kadai.
  • Add haldi.
  • Leave it to boil for 5 min and serve hot.
  • One can lessen thickining adding water or curds.
  • Garnish with coriender leaves.

Dry baby potatoes

You need:

 Baby potatoes: ½ kg
 Kasuri methi: 1 table spoon
 Onion finely chopped: ½ cup
 Ground nut powder: 2 table spoon
 Jeera: 1 tea spoon
 Coriander leaves chopped finely.
 Green chilies: according to your taste
 Jeera 1 tea spoon
 Lemon juice 1/2 lemon
 Salt for taste

One can also add ginger and garlic paste.

 Cook the potatoes and remove the skin.
 In a kadai take an oil, add jeera \, onion,
Once the onion is done, add kasuri methi,
Coriander leaves, green chilies, ground nut powder.
 Mix it well and add potatoes and mix
 Add salt and lemon juice mix it well
 Serve with roties.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Raja's Special

Groundnut Fry


Groundnut: 1 cup
Cumin seed powder: 1 tea spoon
Pepper powder: 1 tea spoon.
Chopped coriander leaves: ¼ cup.
Chopped onion ½ cup.
Tomato: ½ cup chopped.
Lemon juice: 1 Table spoon.

Fry groundnut in the oil, remove extra oil with a tissue.
Mix it with pepper powder, cumin powder, lemon juice and salt.
Garnish with onion, tomato, coriander leaves.

For a change with coffee or tea on a rainy day

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