Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Falafel (chana vada)

I made this in a very simple way,

 Soaked white chana dal whole night.
Grind it to medium consistency adding green chilles, sonuf, and coriander leaves while grinding.
add salt to it and give any shape and deep fry, it will be very tasty. It could be yummy snack also for kids.

measurement taken was 200gms of chana for about 3 servings for snack.
chilles according to the spice required.
1 teaspoon of sonuf.
handful of coriander leaves.

Serve with sweet and green chutney

Whole Wheat Dosa

In our busy life, we forget to have nutritious food, sometimes we have all the ingredients at home, still won't think of making it. Here is another simple recipe for dosa, this was from one of my friend Babitha, thanks Babitha for the recipe. I tried it and it was yummy.......wherein simple recipes can be more tastier...... 

All you need is one cup of whole wheat
One cup of Rice it could be dosa rice or any raw rice.
1 tea spoon of methidana.

Soak all the above for about 6 to 7 hours and grind it. Mix salt to that batter.
 leave it for fermentation for 8 hours or whole night.
Make soft and crispy dosa with any chutney.

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