Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Idli Served with twist

One fine day, after coming from school, my daughter asked me, Amma what special today......I was in a dilemma to answer, since I did not prepare Lunch being busy with some work. I had prepared Idli for the morning Breakfast.
Luckily, this idea came to my mind and here is an IDLI served with a twist.....she happily passed  this....(she is my inspiration,she always say "Amma I am your Master Chef"  She is not bias, their comes the answer, ummm this one is tasty, if the dish has not come out well, Amma what happened is not tasty") this makes me create new recipes.....

All you need is Idlies made in plates, small plated which we use it for serving snacks.....or we get the plates to make idles in the market.

I have taken Idly and poured curds,  sprinkled salt,  chutney powder made of chana dal and curry leaves, boondi on that, final layer with sev and garnish with dryfruits I have only used cashew.

Serve with a smile.....................It could be breakfast, or snack......

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