Monday, October 31, 2016

Banana Stem with curds (best medicine for worms in the stomach)

Banana stem as it is useful in many ways, they say that it can remove stones from kidney, it acts as an deworming  wherein every 15 days we can give it as a salad to kids.
It has various health benefits.......In between it can also good for weight loss....

An medium sized stem, serving for 3 
Preparation time: 15 minutes.
Cooking time 5 minutes since no cooking is required in this

Medium Sized or 8 inches of banana stem
Curds 250 gms
Half a tablespoon of oil
Mustard, asafoetida, curry leaves, green chilles and 1 teaspoon of urad dal.
Salt to taste

Take the layers out use the middle part of the Banana stem and cut into small pieces,
mix it in the  curd.
Temper it,
add oil, add mustard once it crackles, add urad dal once it turns light brown, add green chilies,
curry leaves, asafoetida and then adding salt mix it properly.

You can eat as salad or with roties.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Mango Pickle Andra style

This recipe was given by a lady in the Market, when I went to buy raw mangoes for the pickle, she also came to buy raw mangoes and she was waiting for her turn to get the mangoes to be cut by a vendor. Here in Bangalore at Basavanagudi , they  cut the mangoescharging 40rs kilo andcout it into equal size and give,  so that it tastes best when the thin layer above the seed will remain . All  thanks to that elderly lady, who took my number telling that, she will call me, to know how did the pickle come out. But she did not,,,,,,may be she forgot or she lost my number……all thanks to her for the recipe.  Everyone liked the pickle and after much wait, I am posting this one for few who asked me for the recipe… it goes…….
Mango raw cut into cubes about 4 cups, you can take any cup or  for the measurement.
One cup of red chilli powder, which is freshly powdered. (one can use available powder of any brand)
One cup of Mustard Powder
One cup Salt
Asafoetida about 3 tea spoons 
Two cups of oil either Til oil or Groundnut oil……most of them prefer til oil. Which is also known as sesame.
Half a tablespoon of Methi seeds(Fenugreek seeds fried and powdered)
Turmeric Powder half a tablespoon.
Always remember, whenever we are preparing this, take care of not using moist spatula or container.
Hand must be dry, just to make sure that it will not get spoil.

Take a container of your choice, either glass bottle or plastic ones. I did use the traditional Pickle Jar,
Add mangoes
Add red chilli powder
Add mustard powder
Add salt , methi powder, turmeric and finally add oil and mix it thoroughly……

Leave it for 10 days and your pickle is ready, open it after 10 to 12 days, take out little of it into small severing bowl and close it tight. Preserve it properly. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Potato Chakli

Preparation time 15 minutes
Making time: 10 minutes
This measurement is for 10 to 12 medium chaklis


2 cups of rice flour (150 grams)
2 large potatoes boiled and smashed.
Til seeds one tablespoon (white)
Salt to taste.
Rasam powder which you buy from MTR about half tablespoon ( I make rasam powder at home so I have added it) 
Butter of 50 grams.
I have added mint paste of 2 teaspoons for the flavour.
Spice according to your choice.
I have added 3 redchillies.
water to knead
Oil for frying 200 gms

Mix all the ingredients together add water knead it, keep the dough aside.
Put the dough in the chakli mould and press it, make chaklis and enjoy with tea

Monday, October 24, 2016

Masala puffed wheat.....

 This is an easy snack for tea time.
You can store it for 15days in an air tight container.

We get this puffed wheat in few places where they sell puffed rice.

In Bangalore I buy it in Basavanagudi.

All you need to do is buy it  clean it,  temper with masala, 
All you require is
Red chilli powder, you can use rasam power for the better taste
 2 teaspoons according to the Chili you need.
Curry leaves few,
Few Red Chillies,
Groundnut about 2 tablespoons for 3 litres of beat puffed.
Turmeric powder about 2 teaspoons.
Salt to taste

Take oil in a kadai,  add groundnut once it turns Brown add curry leaves, Red Chillies, asafoetida or (garlic) I like the taste of asafoetida, so I always prefer it.
Once it is done, add red chilli powder (RASAM powder) and turmeric powder,  little bit of salt you need to check this out because the puffed wheat will have little salt content in it and mix the puffed wheat.
Leave in the low flame maybe for 10 minutes,  in the low flame mix it, so that it can become crunchy and store it in a tight container whenever you want to serve it.

While serving you can garnish with finley chopped  onions, tomatoes, and coriander leaves.

Steamed Dumplings/Kadubu

I prepare this in many different ways here I have used Idli batter with grated carrot and I have taken rice flour, which I have steamed.

All you need is:

2 cups of rice flour,

2 cups of Idli batter,

One cup of grated coconut.

Plantain leaves cut into small squares which you can used for steaming.

one can either use Idli rice cooker for the streaming or you can use the normal pressure cooker for steaming.

Grated Carrot say about 2 medium sized.

Salt to taste

Simple method,

Boil water of about 2 cups if the rice flour is about 3 cups of water, once the water is boiling add a spoon of flour mixed with water,

later once it comes to boil add salt and then add rice flour, leave it for 5 minutes and then switch off the stove, knead the flour once it is little cool. Be careful of burning your hands, u can sue spatula also.

Take Idly batter add grated carrot, will not add salt since batter contains salt already.

Make small balls out of the rice flour kneaded and spread it, then fill the idly batter, keep this in the cut plantain leaf and leave it for steaming, at a time we can steam about 3 to four.

Serve hot with coconut chutn

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Most awaited post Kaju Barfi

This recipe is from my friend Sushma's comes out very tasty.......thanks Sushma for this recipe 

Ingredients  Godambi /Cashew - 1 cup.......Milk powder - 1 cup......Sugar - 1 and half cup.......Ghee - 2 cups.    

  Method : -  

Take a kadai. Put cashew/godambi and warm it.   Then put it in a mixi jar and powder it.    Mix the cashew powder with milk powder and keep it aside.  Then put sugar in the kadai.  Add water just till it covers sugar.  The sugar syrup consistency should be such that if u put a drop of the syrup on a plate,  it should sit like a pearl. It shouldn't drip down.  At this stage add ghee. Then add the cashew - milk powder mixture.   Keep stirring until it gets a little hard to mix.   It might take few minutes do not lose patience. Grease a plate and pour it. Cut into pieces when it's still a little hot.The Above is the result and for the above measurements you will get say about 25 to 30 pieces.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Lemon rasam

All time favorite of my family. Once we are back from any trip or whenever they feel one would really enjoy drinking and also having with rise.

Toor dal 150 grams for 3 servings, prepration time 10 minutes, cooing time 15 minutes.
tomato 2 medium sized.
Coriander leaves few.
Green chillies 2.
lemon one medium sized
Salt to taste.

Ghee about half tablespoon for tempering.
Mustard seeds 2 tea spoons
Cumin seeds 2 teaspoons.
Curry leaves few.
Asafoetida pinch.

First cook toor dal with tomato for 3 wistle.
If it is well cooked it taste better.
Smash Tomatoes
Take ghee, heat it, add mustard  once crackles, add cumin, green chilles, curry leaves and coriander leaves.
Add Asafoetida.

Leave it for 10 minutes to boil
Add salt.
Once you get it to dining table for serving then add lemon.

seeds done so that the sample test good taste good once the total is done take care baggi and mustard 1 semester crackers have

 Once the master Crackles at c**** seeds after that it was a 40 day curry leaves green chillies and circuit at the Cook Dal 2 days Ananda milk powder at coriander leaves leave it to Paul later at salt once it comes to boil egg in the in Nikita Denise 1 full lemon since I like lemon alot add 1 and half lemon medium sized small sized lemon so with that lies or give it for drinking soup

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Barnyard Porridge

After an introduction to millets by my brother,  trying to experiment with millets, In those this one could be prepared fast and which is really tasty we can replace rice with barnyard millet.

One of the best way to lose weight,  I think it works because once you eat millions you not feel hungry for long time..... this is Barnyard or Udalu millet which we are using regularly . 

Porridge is one of my favourites, here anyone can cook it fast and easy one for busy.


1.Barnyard millet about 150gms for 2 servings/ cooing time: 15 min/ preparation time 5 minutes.
2. Grated cocnut 1/2 tablespoon
3. 1 red chilli
4. Asafoetida pinch.
5. Ghee for serving.
Salt to taste

Grind 2 and 3 adding asafoetida.


Just fry barnyard for 3 min
Pressure cook it adding 1:3 water.
Later mix the grounded paste and add salt.

Live it to boil, keep stirring serve hot with ghee.

Bitter Gourd Pickle Vedio

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Poha Bisibele bath With greens

That day, I got up late and I didn't have time to think of two to three dishes.

Just got an idea, when there, I saw the container of poha and puffed rice.
 Why not bisibele bath with these two things, came to mind and when checked fridge, little Greens (amaranthus) was lying. In came to mind, it would be a good idea to make poha bisibelabath with these greens.

 It's very simple,

Cooking time 15 min
Preparation time 10 min
Severing is for 4 people

You need,

100 gms of toor dal
100 gms of greens and if you want you can also add any vegetables of your choice.
150 gms of poha washed and 100 gms of puffed rice soaked and removed immediately.
Tamarind water of half a tablespoon.
Turmaric powder 1 teaspoon
Red chilles 2
Mustard 2 teaspoons
Asafoetida a pinch.
Oil or ghee 1/2 tablespoon
Salt to taste.
Ghee of 1 teaspoon.

Pressure cook toor dal with greens.

Take a pan or kadai, add oil,  mustard, once the mustard crackles, add red chilled bout 2, add asafoetida.
Add tamarind water and  a little bit of water if required. Add two spoons of MTR Sambar Powder and two spoons of MTR rasam powder,  add little bit of jaggery, add turmeric powder and once it comes to boil. Add the cooked dal and greens.
Later add the washed poha and puffed rice.
Keep stirring it till it is cooked perfectly adding salt. 

Finally, pour ghee on the besibelebath and garnish with either grated coconut, or MTR ompudi.

Note. Keep stirring since the poha will be cooked within 5 to 10 min.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Curry leaves Rice with Chana

Just a twist to curry leaves rice......

Cooking time 15 min
Preparation time 10 min

200 grams of rice for 3 servings.
Handful of curry leaves are about hundred grams of curry leaves.
Green chillies according to the spice you want.
Asafoetoda or Garlic. A pinch of asafoetida or take 6 to 7 cloves.
There are two options, either one can and garlic or asafoetida.
Grated coconut of half tablespoon (optional)
Oil of 1 to 2 tablespoon.
Salt to taste.

 Very simple one

Cook rice and keep it aside rice should not be sticky.

 Grand curry leaves, green chillies, Garlic and if you want add grated coconut.
Take oil in a kadai, add the grinded paste, saute and then add chana dal. Fry it.  Once channa dal turns golden brown. Add rice, add salt and mix it properly.  Serve it with hot chutney.

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