Saturday, October 29, 2016

Mango Pickle Andra style

This recipe was given by a lady in the Market, when I went to buy raw mangoes for the pickle, she also came to buy raw mangoes and she was waiting for her turn to get the mangoes to be cut by a vendor. Here in Bangalore at Basavanagudi , they  cut the mangoescharging 40rs kilo andcout it into equal size and give,  so that it tastes best when the thin layer above the seed will remain . All  thanks to that elderly lady, who took my number telling that, she will call me, to know how did the pickle come out. But she did not,,,,,,may be she forgot or she lost my number……all thanks to her for the recipe.  Everyone liked the pickle and after much wait, I am posting this one for few who asked me for the recipe… it goes…….
Mango raw cut into cubes about 4 cups, you can take any cup or  for the measurement.
One cup of red chilli powder, which is freshly powdered. (one can use available powder of any brand)
One cup of Mustard Powder
One cup Salt
Asafoetida about 3 tea spoons 
Two cups of oil either Til oil or Groundnut oil……most of them prefer til oil. Which is also known as sesame.
Half a tablespoon of Methi seeds(Fenugreek seeds fried and powdered)
Turmeric Powder half a tablespoon.
Always remember, whenever we are preparing this, take care of not using moist spatula or container.
Hand must be dry, just to make sure that it will not get spoil.

Take a container of your choice, either glass bottle or plastic ones. I did use the traditional Pickle Jar,
Add mangoes
Add red chilli powder
Add mustard powder
Add salt , methi powder, turmeric and finally add oil and mix it thoroughly……

Leave it for 10 days and your pickle is ready, open it after 10 to 12 days, take out little of it into small severing bowl and close it tight. Preserve it properly. 

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