Sunday, October 23, 2016

Most awaited post Kaju Barfi

This recipe is from my friend Sushma's comes out very tasty.......thanks Sushma for this recipe 

Ingredients  Godambi /Cashew - 1 cup.......Milk powder - 1 cup......Sugar - 1 and half cup.......Ghee - 2 cups.    

  Method : -  

Take a kadai. Put cashew/godambi and warm it.   Then put it in a mixi jar and powder it.    Mix the cashew powder with milk powder and keep it aside.  Then put sugar in the kadai.  Add water just till it covers sugar.  The sugar syrup consistency should be such that if u put a drop of the syrup on a plate,  it should sit like a pearl. It shouldn't drip down.  At this stage add ghee. Then add the cashew - milk powder mixture.   Keep stirring until it gets a little hard to mix.   It might take few minutes do not lose patience. Grease a plate and pour it. Cut into pieces when it's still a little hot.The Above is the result and for the above measurements you will get say about 25 to 30 pieces.

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