Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Teamonk Global

The early morning alarm beeps….mind looks for an alternative to wrap yourself for some more time…but you force yourself to wake up and the first thing your conscious mind demands is to have your bed coffee/tea.. while few  are lucky to experience their desire…few have to move out of their couch to enjoy the early sipping of coffee/Tea. For few of them, Tea/coffee with newspaper has become an routine in life as it’s become an energizer to start the day with a new and a charged up perspective. While coffee was holding dominance in south India, the trend is inclining towards tea due to the available choices and getting health conscious. The consumers demand is increasing due to choices like Green tea, White tea, Oolong tea, Black Tea, Herbal tea etc…and every flavor signifying it’s existence. Currently, Tea has become a Universal drink since it’s consumed after breakfast, after a heavy meal, in the evening along with snacks, in night to evade sleep and the reasons can go on and on….

As the trends move towards Green tea which is termed as rich antioxidant nourishing your health, Herbal tea is another drink made by steeping various herbs, spices, flowers in boiling water for their soothing or rejuvenating qualities and for who are caffeine sick. .

I have been drinking tea from past 15 years and started enjoying a lot when I want to North India and had the opportunity to taste the verities of masala & ginger tea. The experience in Chungs fascinated me after I tasted Jasmine tea which made me feel comfortable after a heavy meal and then I started researching on Tea Flavors

Later I started tasting different flavors and was able to influence my social circle and have been getting a very positive response from them.

Few days back when Sidarth from Teamonk Global invited me for a tea tasting session, I decided to check the flavors I was aware and if there were any new introductions and hence was excited to visit their company. The experience was amazing and got the opportunity to taste

Peppermint flavor which I had tried at home using fresh leaves. It tasted as though it was made out of fresh leaves and was tasting very good.

I spoke to their Manging Director Mr. Ashok Mittal who is a veteran in this industry and he explained about the process adapted, which reduces the processing turn around time to 3 months from 6-7 months without impacting the taste quality. I’m sure this was achievable due to the rich experience he has imbibed in this industry to make this brand successful.


Here are some pictures of their products.......

Beautifully packed Gift Packs

Reeti white tea

Maya OOLONG tea

Must try 
Check out for more 

Now you can easily order it through Amazon and Bigbasket.com........

Capcicum and Tomato Filling Variation

Preparation time: 20 minutes.
Steaming time : 10 minutes
Serves: 6


Potato Medium Sized   2 nos
 Tomato  medium sized  1 nos
 Red Chillies according to the spice you need , I have added 3 to 4 which is medium spice.
Curry leaves powder which is dried and powdered before itself.
Fried groundnut powder and crushed take about 50 grams
  Any masala powder, about 50 gms,  I have used Gravy powder which is made at home,  one can use vangi bath powder which is available in MTR brand.  
Capsicum 6 nos
Salt to taste.
For Steaming use Idly Cooker or can use normal cooker.

Make it this way

First cook potatoes and smash it and mix all the above ingredients and keep it aside.
Take the capsicum and cut the top most part scoop out the seeds using a spoon.
Take the scooped capsicums and fill the mixed prepared masala and then fill it.
Steam it for 10 minutes 
Serve hot with roties

This is a simple recipe for anybody who can prepare easily and enjoy............

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Khadi Pakodi

Khadi Pakodi is similar to South Indian More Kulambu in Tamil or Majjige huli
in Kannada.
Here the difference is we use channa dal flour, in more kulambu  we use soaked chana.

Below is the recipe 

Serving for 3 people
Preparation time 15 min
cooking time 15 minutes

Chana dal flour for pakodies about 1 tablespoon 
Chopped onions about 1/4 tablespoon
Coriander leaves chopped 1/4 tablespoon
Cumin seeds 1 teaspoon 
Green Chillies 2 nos chopped or according to the required spice.
Oil for frying 
Salt to taste.

Fry pakodies as usual and keep it aside.

For Khadi

Chana flour  3/4 tablespoon
Sour curds 250 gms.
salt to taste
Turmeric powder 1/2 teaspoon

For Garnish:
Mustard, cumin about 1 teaspoon, curry leaves few, Asafoetida, and Green chillies.

Take 3/4  tablespoon of chana flour
Take 250 gms of sour curds and mix the chana flour and keep it aside.

Later  take a pan, add oil 
Add mustard, once crackles,
Add cumin seeds, 
Add green chilles, curry leaves and asafoetida a pinch.
Add mixed flour to this and leave it to boil for 5 minutes.
Later add pakodies which is ready and serve hot with Rice or roties.

Chana dal flour for pakodies

Friday, November 11, 2016

Bottle Guard Parata

Cooking time 15 min
Preparation time 15 min
Note.... When you grate bottle gourd, take out the water from it by squeezing it.

Wheat flour 250gms for 4 to 5 paratas
Bottle gourd medium
Garam masala powder 2 teaspoons
Red chilli powder 1 or 2 teaspoons

Make dough from wheat flour for paratas and keep it aside. 

 Take one medium sized bottle gourd, peel the skin and grate bottle gourd,take out the excess of water, add Garam Masala powder say about 2 teaspoons, chilli powder and salt. Fry it on a tawa adding half tablespoon of oil, till the water is gone.
Make small balls out of the mixture, keep it inbetween the flour, close it and roll it out and make paratas.
Serve it with curd and pickle.

Barnyard millet for Lunch

Why do people think millets are not tasty enough......they are wrong, we are not ready to accept changes for better health.
We have proof of people using millets decades ago.

When I started using millets my husband and daughter started showing faces....but today they started enjoying millets.

I replaced rice with Barnyard/udalu as in kannada, I am liking it. Hoping you all might like it, posting this.

Pressure cook for 3 whistles adding 1:2 barnyard:water, if one like watery add more water.

Enjoy it with any rasam.

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