Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Teamonk Global

The early morning alarm beeps….mind looks for an alternative to wrap yourself for some more time…but you force yourself to wake up and the first thing your conscious mind demands is to have your bed coffee/tea.. while few  are lucky to experience their desire…few have to move out of their couch to enjoy the early sipping of coffee/Tea. For few of them, Tea/coffee with newspaper has become an routine in life as it’s become an energizer to start the day with a new and a charged up perspective. While coffee was holding dominance in south India, the trend is inclining towards tea due to the available choices and getting health conscious. The consumers demand is increasing due to choices like Green tea, White tea, Oolong tea, Black Tea, Herbal tea etc…and every flavor signifying it’s existence. Currently, Tea has become a Universal drink since it’s consumed after breakfast, after a heavy meal, in the evening along with snacks, in night to evade sleep and the reasons can go on and on….

As the trends move towards Green tea which is termed as rich antioxidant nourishing your health, Herbal tea is another drink made by steeping various herbs, spices, flowers in boiling water for their soothing or rejuvenating qualities and for who are caffeine sick. .

I have been drinking tea from past 15 years and started enjoying a lot when I want to North India and had the opportunity to taste the verities of masala & ginger tea. The experience in Chungs fascinated me after I tasted Jasmine tea which made me feel comfortable after a heavy meal and then I started researching on Tea Flavors

Later I started tasting different flavors and was able to influence my social circle and have been getting a very positive response from them.

Few days back when Sidarth from Teamonk Global invited me for a tea tasting session, I decided to check the flavors I was aware and if there were any new introductions and hence was excited to visit their company. The experience was amazing and got the opportunity to taste

Peppermint flavor which I had tried at home using fresh leaves. It tasted as though it was made out of fresh leaves and was tasting very good.

I spoke to their Manging Director Mr. Ashok Mittal who is a veteran in this industry and he explained about the process adapted, which reduces the processing turn around time to 3 months from 6-7 months without impacting the taste quality. I’m sure this was achievable due to the rich experience he has imbibed in this industry to make this brand successful.


Here are some pictures of their products.......

Beautifully packed Gift Packs

Reeti white tea

Maya OOLONG tea

Must try 
Check out for more 

Now you can easily order it through Amazon and Bigbasket.com........

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