Monday, January 16, 2017

Bread Pizza

As kids get attracted to junk food, we can try our best to create few home made snacks cum breakfast for them.........this was prepared by one of my friend Meenakshi who is a mother of my daughter's classmate......felt interesting and tried it at home.......

All you need for 4 servings one pound of bread (sweet) sliced...
Preparation time is less than 15 minutes.......
Serving while takes 10 minutes......

One pound bread
Onion finely chopped 1 medium 
Tomato Finely chopped 1 medium
capsicum finely chopped 1
Salt to taste
Butter 100 gms
Cheddar Cheese 50 gms
Oregano 2 tea spoons
Red chili flakes 2 teaspoons
Tomato sauce home made or you can buy it outside

Take bread slice and apply butter on it, 
spread vegetables chopped,
sprinkle salt, oregano and chili flakes, if one needs more flavor use more of oregano and chili flakes.

Finally, heat the pan keep the slice on it and grate cheese on it and close a lid and leave it to melt and serve it hot spreading sauce on the bread slice.

Be happy, when your kids are happy eating this........... 

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