Monday, July 10, 2017

Baby Corn Dry........

Baby corn dry could be a best lunch pack or snack in the evening or you can also eat it with chapati

For 3 servings:
Preparation time will be 15 minutes.

5 to 6 baby corn 
Corn flour about  half tablespoon----1/2 tablespoon.
Red chilli powder according to your intake of Chilli.
I have added 2 teaspoons.
Tamarind juice about one tablespoon.
I have added gojju powder which I had at home prepared and kept.
One can add any masala powder and add salt.
Onion and Garlic could be used I have not used it here.

Take a kadai and add baby corn and marinate it adding tamarind juice,red chilli powder, masala powder, and salt. Finally add the corn flour and marinate it. 
Take a Kadai, add oil and marinated corn to this and keep stirring, for 10 minutes once it is done, serve it with chapathi......or rice and this is the best one for lunch box.

Second method: You can also steam the corn and then marinate and fry

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