Monday, July 10, 2017

Millet for better health...........Replace white rice with Udalu(barnyard millet)

I started using millets since one and a half years, though it was not regular but now started with  almost for 2 meals a day prepared with millets, .....normally, it's difficult to change individuals food intake habits.
Anyone who is used to their normal diet will find it little difficult, but once the changes done, one can be happy with the results. my health has improved a lot.
I have heard many of them telling that, In olden days we never ate these millets, they were strictly used to have rice and they were healthy enough.
What I feel is the quality of products produced in olden days was without pesticides,  were so different from the products available today.
For barnyard rice cooking is same as rice 1:2 cup of water.
My Lunch consists
 Barnyard rice,  Amaranth stem sambar(Huli), Sprouted Green gram, Barnyard rice and Amaranth dry gravy is the best lunch to have.....

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